Favorite So Far!

30th Birthday Cake

30th Birthday Cake

This cake was for a surprise birthday party that a husband was throwing for his wife.  This has to be my personal favorite cake so far.  I realized the other day that most of my cakes have been BROWN!  Not this one!  I loved how the colors turned out!  This was my first time trying the little wired swirly balls floating above the cake.  I like how they turned out, but I think next time, I may try a little lighter gauged wire…maybe!  The cake is an oreo cake…a layer of dark chocolate cake, then 2 layers of white cake, topped off by another layer of dark chocolate cake…all filled with oreo buttercream…yum!  I asked the lady that ordered the cake if she would mind taking a picture of the cake once it’s cut.  When she sends it to me, I’ll update this post!  The pink decorations are a mixture of fondant and gumpaste and were dusted with a layer (or two…or three) of shimmer dust.  The darker colors are fondant and the cakes were iced in buttercream.

Happy 30th Birthday, Jennifer!


2 responses to “Favorite So Far!

  1. Emily – I am so blown away by how quickly your decorating skills are flourishing. This cake is whimsical and professional. Knowing how delicious your cakes are – I can’t imagine how pleased your customer must have been. Phenomenal job!

  2. wow…. amazing!!!!!!

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