Weekend Preview

Here is a fondant bunny that will sit atop a cake for this weekend…sneak peak! (Please ignore the desk clutter in the background!)

Fondant Bunny

Fondant Bunny


One response to “Weekend Preview

  1. I got this in an email from my sister-in-law this morning and she told me I could share it:

    “Hello Emily. I just love your cake site and the bunny is darling (wink)! I appreciate the candor you express in your writing and that you show the errors as well as your immense creativity & triumphs. I’m glad you wrote about dry cakes. I quit using one of our local bakeries up here that produce beautiful cakes on the outside, but were terribly dry and tasteless on the inside….Unfortunately we started then going to Sam’s. While sacrificing any creativity on the outside, the cake was a sure bet for moisture on the inside. I always wonder what the Ace of Cakes cakes taste like. You sure don’t see much of the inside of the cake during the program. You really seem to be enjoying this and I hope it’s a source of immense pleasure and somewhat of downtime for you :-).
    Can’t wait to see all of you in a few days! Love, Cheryl”

    Thank you, Cheryl for the kind words! I do truly enjoy what I’m doing…all aspects…even the screw-ups!

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