Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad's Birthday Cake

Dad's Birthday Cake

I’ll start out by saying a “Happy Birthday” to Dad!  This cake was for him for our YUMMY barbeque chicken dinner tonight.  Dad had to cook it, but it’s always the BEST bbq chicken EVER!  Anyway, Dad’s favorite cake flavor is carrot…so that’s what this was!  It’s iced in buttercream and had fondant/gumpaste decorations.  When we got to the house, Dad got out one of his hand-tied flies and “hooked” the Rainbow Trout!  He got a few pictures of it and when/if he lets me have one, I’ll post it!  This was a really fun cake to make!

Happy Birthday, Dad!


2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Dad!

  1. [Commence eye-rolling, your mom’s going to comment, now] I have to say, this was the best carrot cake I’ve ever had. Carrot is not my favorite, since most times, whether from a bakery, box, or home-made, it’s too dense, too sweet, too dry, or too something. This was the perfect balance of flavor and texture – the carrots, raisins and nutty-nees, and the buttercream icing was a great compliment. I know traditionally you would have a cream cheese icing but I liked this better. And what a fun cake! Your dad was really impressed with the fish. Thanks, Emily!
    Love, Mom

  2. Ha! The only eye-rolling was due to the fact that family reads the blog…but DOESN’T COMMENT! 😉 I’m glad you like it! I know how you don’t like “sweet” cake…sacralidge! I also, am not a huge fan of carrot cake (or any for that matter), but this one was really good!

    I’m glad Dad liked the fish…heck…I’m glad the fish even turned out remotely like what I pictured in my mind! I sent a pic of it to Uncle Tim too!
    Love, Emily

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