Sunny and Chica

Sunny & Chica Cakes

Sunny & Chica Cakes

Remember the twins?  Here are their baby shower cakes, one and two.  And their christening cake.  Well, they just turned ONE!  They are in love with the chicken from the Sprout Network, Chica…so Chicas they got!  And the sun, well I’ve decided to call him Sunny!

Happy Birthday, Alexis!  Happy Birthday, Kendall!  May you have many, many more birthdays! 🙂

5 responses to “Sunny and Chica

  1. Very cute! And they make you smile too!

  2. Thanks so much, Juanita!

  3. I love the art work of Chica and the Sunny side up show, my baby loves this show,,, please share how you made this,,,,,,,,,,

  4. Love them! My little one is turning one soon too! Can you tell me how you made them? He loves Chica too!

  5. Thank you Jen! They are made in a ball pan…each chic is half of a ball. I made the beaks with modeling chocolate.

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