The Cake That Almost Was…

Movie-Themed Cake

Movie-Themed Cake

Back in August, I was contacted by a school to make a cake for their fundraising auction. Over the last several months, we’ve emailed back and forth to come up with the perfect cake for their event. I spent a few hours designing it, several hours in the last week getting the decorations finished so they had time to dry, a few hours baking, and then several more hours decorating the cake. When I left to deliver it, it looked like the above.

Less than a mile down the road, I was going up a hill, hit a bump and it looked like this, only it was laying on the floor of the truck. I was mortified and heartbroken and I felt like I let them down. When I calmed down, I decided that I needed to at least provide the school with a gift certificate since their big showpiece looked like bigfoot stomped on it and made the dreaded phone call to the client. I was almost in tears. In the end, they received a gift certificate and a HUGE apology (but somehow it just doesn’t feel like enough). I still can’t believe it happened, but I’m pretty sure I know how to prevent it in the future. CENTER SUPPORTS! I had a center dowel going through the entire cake, but it had nothing to grab onto at the base. Next time I will secure the center dowel to the baseboard and then build the cake up. It was so tall that the weight of the top tier just took the rest of the cake down when it was leaning from the hill.



The picture actually looks better than the actual carnage that it was!


4 responses to “The Cake That Almost Was…

  1. Wow! I’m s so sorry! The cake was great.

  2. Thank you, Naomi! And I’m sorry to hear of your disaster today! I guess it’s bound to happen…I just don’t like it that it does!

  3. That breaks my heart! What a great cake design. You are awesome! (Looking through your pictures now for an idea for my mom’s cake.)

  4. Thanks Diane! If your kids want any cake…there’s plenty at my house! 🙂 I can’ even look at it anymore, but I can’t get myself to throw it away either!

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