Graduation Cakes and Some Strays

So this has been a SUPER busy week.  These are only 2 of 4 cakes this week (and a bonus one I haven’t had a chance to upload yet until now).  I’ll upload the rest later this weekend!

Preschool Graduation Cake

Preschool Graduation Cake

The first one is one that I was asked to make for my son’s preschool graduation.  I had a lot of fun making it, although I’m going to have to try to figure out what is wrong with the black ink on my edible image printer, because all of the writing ended up having to be hand-painted on…and I don’t write straight, much less paint words straight!  I’m happy with how it turned out and everyone seemed to be enjoying it!  Congrats, Ben…you’re going to LOVE kindergarten!

Purple Polka Dotted Grad Cake

Purple Polka Dotted Grad Cake

This cake was for a local grad.  The school colors were purple and white…yes, that’s purple…for some reason, that color doesn’t photograph well…perhaps it’s the cloudy day!  Congratulations, Jordan!

Wizard of Oz Cake v.2

Wizard of Oz Cake v.2

Normally, when someone asks me to do a cake from my gallery, I like to change it up a little (or reinvent the wheel).  I LOVE the design of this cake, so I really didn’t want to do anything major to change it.  I did do a few minor things, but mainly it’s the same!  Happiest of Fifth Birthdays to you Jewel!


2 responses to “Graduation Cakes and Some Strays

  1. That last cake is amazing!! The details are all adorable

  2. Cake is Life

    Thank you, Stephanie!

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