Golf Bag Graduation Cake

Golf Bag Graduation Cake

Golf Bag Graduation Cake

This cake was MASSIVE!  It served 150 and was about 28″ tall!  It was made for a girl graduating from high school this year.  She played golf throughout high school and was getting ready to play golf in college.  It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the “towel” by the grad cap is “dirty and used” and the one on the bag is “new and white”…signifying her transition.  I had fun with this cake, from it’s conception to it’s delivery (although that was stressful after what happened to this cake, that was all I kept thinking about!  Thank you to my Dad who helped me construct the board it sat upon and to my husband, who “hugged” the cake the entire 25 miles to deliver!

Congratulations Elyse!  May your journey be fun and rewarding!  Good luck at Eastern!

And just so that you can see the massiveness of this cake, here is a picture of the cake just after it was stacked on the board and covered with buttercream.  Notice the coke can sitting next to the cake?  This thing was huge!  It took about 8 1/2 pounds of fondant just to cover this cake (by the way, I SO NEED A SHEETER if anyone has a spare that they would be willing to part with!).  In total, there were 12 cake layers, about 13 pounds of fondant and 2 1/2 BIG batches of buttercream!  Not to mention a full bag of Oreos!

Uncovered Golf Bag Cake

Uncovered Golf Bag Cake


4 responses to “Golf Bag Graduation Cake

  1. Amazing! That must’ve been so hard to cover – awesome cakes! So much work!

  2. Cake is Life

    Thank you for your comments! It was a lot of work! What was harder was rolling out the 9 pounds of fondant! I rolled it onto a big sheet of vinyl and then my hubby-assistant used the vinyl to hold it onto the cake while I smoothed…if it wouldn’t have been for my husband, it never would have gotten on! 🙂

  3. That’s an awesome cake! Love all the details!

  4. Cake is Life

    Thank you so much, Jeanne!

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