A Plea for Help!

Construction has begun!

Construction has begun!

I know I have some very gracious and helpful followers!  I want to thank you!  Now I’m putting a plea for help!  Normally I wouldn’t do this kind of thing on this blog, as it’s about cake and what I’m about to ask is not, but I feel very strongly about this cause and I am asking for your help!  For the last year or so, I have been working on a project in our area to open a new Catholic high school.  Construction has begun and we’re set to open in the Fall of 2011 with Freshman and Sophomore classes, but we need some more money to help us bring our vision into reality!  Chase is sponsoring a “competition” for grant money.  On July 13th, 1 charity will win a grant for $200,000, 4 runners-up will receive $100,000 and 195 will receive $20,000.  I am PLEADING with my fans and followers to please go vote for our project.  Voting started on June 15th and will finish up on July 12th.  Please vote AND spread the word!  Help us build this much-needed school!  Follow the link below to vote for Father McGivney Catholic High School!  Thank you SO MUCH for your support!!!  The future students of Father McGivney Catholic High School thank you too!  You can visit www.McGivneyGriffins.com for more information!

Here are the voting rules (straight from the site):

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PARTICIPATE OR VOTE. During the voting period, Participants who allow “Access” and “Like” the Chase Community Giving application on the Facebook platform, may vote for Charities. Unless a Participant is the recipient of a Gift Vote, described below, each Participant will be limited to one (1) vote per Charity with a total of twenty (20) votes per valid user profile. Participants will earn an extra vote (“Gift Vote”) after casting five (5) votes and a second Gift Vote again when they cast all twenty (20) votes (excluding Gift Votes). Gift Votes may only be sent to and used by another Participant who may use the Gift Vote to vote for any Charity, but may only vote for the same Charity no more than two (2) times.


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