Princess Tiana Cake

Princess & The Frog Cake

Princess & The Frog Cake

I did this cake for the daughter of my husband’s boss.  Her daughter loves the movie Princess & The Frog, so I designed the cake after the dress that Princess Tiana wears in the movie.  Since I have boys and they aren’t that into the princess movies, I had never seen the movie, so I had to rely on the internet for help with this one! 🙂  I love the colors of the cake!


2 responses to “Princess Tiana Cake

  1. this is such a cute cake…i am just starting out, i am making a few cakes for friends and family, it is very time consuming considering i have to toddlers running around! since i am just starting out do you have any advice for me, i am wondering what things i need to purchase to make it easier as well thank you for your help

  2. To start out, visit the Wilton isle at your favorite craft store. I also find things that I love to use at and I would say the best things to do is to be organized. I find that to be some of the biggest timewasters…not being able to find what I need. I have rolling carts that store ingredients and another one that stores tools. Hope that helps! ~Happy Baking!

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