A Feature on Cake Wrecks

To say that there isn’t fear and anxiety when creating cakes is an understatement…you want your cakes to turn out perfectly.  This fear was compounded when I stumbled upon http://www.cakewrecks.com a few years ago.  There is a hope and a prayer that goes out when you create a cake that it won’t somehow end up on that site!  The site full of “professional” cakes that are mostly horrendous…sometimes things are spelled wrong, shaped wrong, or just plain look awful!  When I was notified by one of my followers on Twitter this morning that one of my cakes had been featured on Cake Wrecks…my heart skipped a BIG beat!  I rushed over to see what could possibly have been featured, when I found that it was a part of their “Sunday Sweets” for today.  Each Sunday, the writers feature cakes they (or their readers) find that are complete opposites of wrecks!  Here is the link to the post with this cake:


Autumn-themed Wedding Cake



One response to “A Feature on Cake Wrecks

  1. Yikes! I can see how that can be initially nerve racking! That’s a really beautiful cake. Well done!

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