Happy Anniversary!

Today, my husband and I are celebrating our 8th anniversary.  If you would have told me 8 1/2 years ago, when I was ordering my wedding cake that I would some day be making them myself, I would have thought you were crazy!  After all, I didn’t (and still don’t) like to eat cake!  My Mom kept trying to get us to have a wedding pie or a wedding cheesecake…I just couldn’t break tradition though!  Here was my cake…made by the talented Pat Jacoby of Patty Cakes, in Highland IL.  It was all buttercream and I couldn’t even tell you what the flavors were…probably white, chocolate and marble.  Each tier was decorated with a different pattern: Cornelli Lace, Diamond Pattern, Swirls and Dots.  I was one of those brides that I hate to get…”Oh, just whatever you want to do, I don’t really care!”  I think our consultation appointment lasted about 10 minutes!  I’m not sure why I chose square either!  I guess it was the earliest start to my love for cake design, because I love doing square cakes!

Our Wedding Cake

Our Wedding Cake

If I cared about cake design as much as I do now, and if I were to do it all over again now (to the same wonderful man, of course!), I would choose this cake!  It was made by a designer in the Philippians and it’s absolutely GORGEOUS…stunningly gorgeous!  I, of course, would have chosen to have it made out of silver instead of gold!  Just ask my Mom about searching high and low for a red and green plaid taffeta to make the flower girls dresses out of that didn’t have a gold thread going through it…I was obsessed!

Poinsettia Cake by Kusina Habana

Poinsettia Cake by Kusina Habana

Happy Anniversary, Neil!  Thank you for being there for me every step of the way and thank you for supporting my cake “habit”, for being my dishwasher, occasional cake assistant and most of all, for eating all my scraps! 😉  I love you!


2 responses to “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Happy anniversary (again)! I had no idea you don’t like cake – that’s honestly a shocker.

  2. Cake is Life

    Thank you, Rachel! I know… surprise! It helps me not weigh 600 pounds, I’m sure! 🙂

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