GIVEAWAY!!! Topsy Turvy Cake!

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ATTENTION local Cake is Life friends and customers! Here’s your chance to get a cake from Cake is Life and it’s FREE!  If you are interested, leave a comment on this post to win a decorated 2-tiered cake for the weekend of January 7th, 8th, 9th, BUT play by the rules below (please and thank you)!

I’m taking a Topsy Turvy Cake Class this Thursday (do a Google search if you don’t know what a “Topsy Turvy Cake” is…it will pull up thousands of pictures!).  IF you live within a 30 mile radius of Edwardsville, IL  (do a mapquest 1st to find out please!) AND you are interested in winning the cake from the class, THEN follow the directions below!  NOTE: There are a total of 4 entries per person!!
1. Leave a comment telling me how you would want your winning cake decorated (ie: theme and colors).
2. Register for blog updates by entering your email address in the “Email Subscriptions” link on the left-hand side.  Leave a comment telling me you did so, or that you already receive updates!
3. Become a Fan of Cake is Life on Facebook by using the “Find Cake is Life on Facebook” link on the left-hand side.  Leave a comment telling me you did so, or that you already are!
4. Follow Cake is Life on Twitter by using the “Find Cake is Life on Twitter” link on the left-hand side.  Leave a comment telling me you did so, or that you already are!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include your email address in the entries so that you can be notified if you are the winner and details can be worked out!

ONE winner will be chosen by on Wednesday evening at 5pm.  I will notify winner by email and they will have until Thursday at 10am to claim or another winner will be chosen.  The winner’s cake will be delivered on Friday, January 7th or Saturday, January 8th!

This will be the perfect cake to serve around 25-30 people.  If you are in need of more servings, you will have the option to order cupcakes that will be decorated in the same theme.

I will post the winner here when I post a picture of the finished cake!  Good luck!


10 responses to “GIVEAWAY!!! Topsy Turvy Cake!

  1. Great idea, Emily! 3-year-old birthday party for my niece, Josie, on Saturday, January 8th! I’m already a fan on FB and following on Twitter, I think, but I’ll double-check. Signing up for email now!

  2. Great idea! I love your cakes, and it’s been a few months since we ordered one. We just found out that my cousin Julie is having twins so it would be awesome to have a twin/baby themed cake to celebrate. Unfortunatley we don’t know what they are yet, so it would need to be gender neutral. Already a fan on Facebook and signing up for Twitter now.

  3. Christi Geggus

    Love the idea! I am a fan on FB and subscribe to your blog. I would want a camo/deer hunting themed cake for my husbands birthday which is Friday or a Wow Wow Wubzy/Mickey Mouse/Monkeys for my twin cousins that will be having their 3rd birthday party on Sunday. Thanks!

  4. Marjy Schneider

    Lookin forward to winning! (Hee hee!) I am a fan on FB and will now subscribe to your blog. I would want a blue and white snowflake cake to share with all the hard working teachers at my school! Thanks!

  5. Great concept for a January weekend. My topsy turvy cake would be a black and white zebra printed bottom topped with a bright fuschia, lime green and vibrant metalic purple . Actually, any bright or tropical color combination to make me forget the midwest winter weekend we have in store!

  6. Kelly Reardon

    Even though I don’t think I live within the 30 miles of Edwardsville, I would gladly come meet you in North County to pickup my cake if I won. My Grandma turns 87 on Tuesday, we’re having a birthday party for her on Sunday. I’m sure she feels like this past year her life has gone topsy turvy, really her health from walking to a wheelchair, from feeling good to not wanting to get out of bed, ect.

    If I won, the cake would be a “Red Hat” theme, you know that social group for the older ladies, she loves the social company. I envision the bottom of the cake being like a face, and the top being the red hat.

    I’ve been following you on FB, just subscribed to your blog, and now setting up a twitter acct to follow Cake is Life. Neat idea you’re doing, hope I hear from you soon.

  7. My friend’s baby shower is on Sunday. I’m supposed to make cupcakes, but I would be a hero if I showed up with one of your cakes. She’s a novice cake-maker and would be so excited!! Vintage toy-themed for a boy. Lots to choose from: wagons, sock monkeys, airplanes, jacks, blocks, etc. Colors are red and blue. I love your work, and have been following you on Twitter. I’m now a fan on Facebook and subscribe to your updates as well. Thanks!!

  8. Jessie has just moved into a brand new house, so her house warming is coming up, her husband is leaving for a month out of country, so a found farewell tempered by yummy cake should ease her pain, plus, it’s her birthday birthday right after that! I should win for her, and she would be so pleased!

  9. Christina Lacy

    My birthday is the 19th and this would be a perfect birthday cake for me. I would love a cake done in all purple which is my favorite color. You can chose any way to decorate as long as it is purple themed. I want a chocolate cake if you need to know flavor. I can have my sister Kay pick the cake up for me. She has ordered several cakes from you. I was already a fan on Facebook after Kay showed me the pics of the other cakes you done for our parents and sister and signed up for your twitter. I also entered my email for blog updates.

  10. Babs Dunaway

    I would love to have the topsy turvy cake for my lifelong (36 years!) best friend whose husband has been part of the Federal Government working in Iraq to establish their government. It’s been a TOPSY TURVY year for them with him gone – I’d love to see a cake with some cool “Scales of Justice”, flags and other related items. Noone could be more deserving!