Sweet 16 and Baseball

Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

There have only been a few instances where people have asked me to recreate a cake that I have previously done before.  Most times, I will change elements of the design to make it a little new and fresh.  I think this is the first time I’ve kept with the original design so closely!  I love this cake design…it’s just so fun!  The mom wanted it tweaked a little to include the 16-year-old’s favorite colors: pink, orange and teal.  I love how they look like sherbet!  And I love the addition of the pearl luster too to make it shimmer!  Happy Sweet 16, Elly!

Baseball Birthday Cake

Baseball Birthday Cake

I made this cake for one of my son’s friends. He was turning 6 and having a whiffle ball party. Kindergarteners are cute, but they aren’t too fluent in team sports yet, so whiffle ball didn’t last very long. They moved onto kickball and everyone was happy!  Happy Birthday, Joshua!

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