Birthdays (the grownups)

Coach Purse Cake

Coach Purse Cake

I like being able to create cakes that look like things besides cake! This one is one after my own heart…who doesn’t wish they had a handbag made out of cake (shh boys, you just don’t understand!) Happy Birthday, Jennifer!

Cupcake Birthday Cake

Cupcake Birthday Cake

It’s funny that both cakes I’m featuring today are for Jennifers! I assure you, they aren’t for the same one though! I think this cake turned out really cute! It was designed after the partyware for the party! Happy Birthday, Jennifer!

5 responses to “Birthdays (the grownups)

  1. Maryam Bozai

    I found your blog and finished the entire thing in two sittings and I have to tell you…I’m AMAZED by your creativity and skills! I signed up for a designer cakes certificate and my classes start in November, and I just hope I can do as great work as you. Congrats on your successes! You’re awesome!

  2. Cake is Life

    Thank you!

  3. Cake is Life


    Thank you for your wonderful comments! Congratulations and Best of Luck on your classes…sounds exciting (and I’m incredibly envious!)! Just remember to practice, practice, practice! I once heard Kerry Vincent say that she practiced a flower she had learned ALL DAY…over and over again and then practiced it some more. She said she knew she had it right, when someone tried to water her gumpaste flower! I don’t practice that much, but I think I’m going to start practicing more! I firmly believe the reason I love this craft so much is that there is always something new to learn!

    Check back from time to time and keep me updated! I love to hear progress stories! Best of luck on your endeavors!

    Happy Baking!

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