Many of you know that I took a full-time position at a new Catholic high school in the area.  I believe very strongly in the success of the school and everything it stands for.  I am the school’s Office Manager and I LOVE going to work every day!  I am still making cakes, but have significantly scaled back the number of cakes I do in a weekend, so get your requests to me as soon as you have dates!  That said, I have the following announcement to make.

I want to start off by saying a HUGE THANK YOU to those that have supported me throughout these last few years…family, friends, customers…I am truly blessed!  I love making cakes and seeing the reactions to them!  They are my little babies and I love each and every one!  It has been a pleasure working with each and every one of you to create your perfect cake for your occasions!  I love starting with a wedding cake, making baby shower cakes and then eventually your children’s birthday cakes…it’s fun to be a part of your lives in that way!

For almost 5 years, I have worked very hard to not increase my prices, but I make/bake everything from scratch and as you may know from personal trips to the grocery store, the cost of many ingredients I use has more than doubled since I started this adventure 4+ years ago.  In addition to a cost output for ingredients, there is also an output for structural needs of a cake (bases, boxes and sometimes supports.  On top of that, there is a tremendous amount of time involved in making a cake: from answering emails, preparing quotes, planning out the design and/or structural needs, shopping, baking, cleaning up, making accessories for the cake, cleaning up, filling/icing the cake(s), cleaning up, decorating, and cleaning up again…you get the idea!

My new pricing structure will reflect the increase in ingredient cost as well as my skill improvement and the time involved in prepping, making and delivering your cake.  It will be charged on new cake orders from today until further notice (if you have already contacted me regarding a cake and we have discussed it, the previous price structure will be in effect).

I will now be charging a base price of $3.00/serving for both buttercream and fondant tiered cakes.  For 3-D cakes (non-standard shaped cakes such as cars, purses, etc.) or specialty cakes (“topsy-turvy”, ball, etc.), the base price will be $5.00/serving.  The prices will increase from there depending on complexity of design and any extras that are needed for the cake.  Added on extras will include, but not be limited to: sugar flowers, sugar figurines, sugar crowns, rush orders and delivery.

This new pricing structure doesn’t actually make up for all of the time and money I spend making cakes.  Truthfully, I should be starting somewhere around $5-$7/serving, but I know my market and I know that just isn’t feasible for most people to spend that much for a cake right now.  I will probably end up having to increase these prices on a more regular basis, but for now, we’re going to start here!

Thank you again for your patronage!  I look forward to making more of your cakes in the future!

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