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Often, you will hear me suggest that you just shouldn’t use buttercream in hot weather…this is why!   The lovely Bronwen Weber of Frosted Art Bakery in Dallas, TX has created a cute video explaining this very problem…

So, if you don’t want your cake to melt, please, PLEASE, pretty please…use fondant and DON’T have your cake outside in these conditions (your guests will probably thank you too!). 🙂  After all, you’ve paid all that money for me to spend all that time making and decorating your pretty cake…your guests should be able to enjoy it too!

Thank you, Mrs. Weber, for creating a video demonstrating this exact problem!  Sometimes people just need to see it for themselves!


The Cake That Almost Was…

Movie-Themed Cake

Movie-Themed Cake

Back in August, I was contacted by a school to make a cake for their fundraising auction. Over the last several months, we’ve emailed back and forth to come up with the perfect cake for their event. I spent a few hours designing it, several hours in the last week getting the decorations finished so they had time to dry, a few hours baking, and then several more hours decorating the cake. When I left to deliver it, it looked like the above.

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Lessons learned…

Never overfill your cake pans!  This is what happens…and it still had 30 minutes to bake (burn on the floor of the oven!)  Here’s a tip though…if this ever happens to you, scrape it up as soon as you turn the oven off.  It came off very easily!