What Do I Get When I Order a Cake from Cake is Life?:
~A unique showpiece for your party that not only looks great, but will taste great too!  All cakes are baked to-order, fresh-from-scratch and out of quality ingredients.  Each cake I make is custom-designed especially for your occasion.

What Makes Up a Cake is Life Cake?:
~All cakes are made-to-order, customizable in design and flavor, and regardless of whether it is a party cake or wedding cake, the inside will appear as follows:

The Anatomy of a Cake is Life Cake

The Anatomy of a Cake is Life Cake

Are You Available?:
~Please be sure to check the Availability page.  I will try to keep that page updated with the dates I will be unavailable.
~Availability is on a first-to-commit-wins basis.  This means that your cake will not be added to the calendar until a design and price are agreed upon and a payment is made (if required).
~To ensure that your cake gets the attention it deserves, it is recommended that you contact me at least two weeks before your scheduled event.  The exception to this is wedding cakes.  Please contact me at least 3 months (or as soon as possible) prior to the date to reserve your date in order to ensure availability.  There will be some flexibility in that “rule” depending on my schedule and the design of your cake.
~Please keep in mind that I am a one-woman operation and will be limited in the number of cakes I will be able to book on any particular day…so reserve your date early!

What is the Pricing?:
~Custom-designed cake starts out at $3.00 per slice for buttercream or fondant.  Depending on the complexity of detail, the price will go up from there.
~Slices are based on the industry-standard of a 2″x1″x4″ serving.
~Prices for cupcakes (one flavor/count, buttercream-iced with fondant decorations):

  • 1 dozen standard-sized: $30 (filled: $35)
  • 1/2 dozen jumbo-sized: $30 (filled: $35)

~Extra charges include and are not limited to:

  • Gum paste flowers: pricing varies depending on degree of difficulty
  • Gum paste or modeling chocolate figures: pricing varies depending on size and degree of difficulty
  • Gum paste crowns: $15.00 each
  • Last Minute/Rush Order: $25.00 for party cakes (less than a week), $100.00 for wedding cakes (less than 1 month)
  • Delivery (see below in “How Will My Cake Arrive to My Event?”)

What Additional Information Do I Need to Know for a Party Cake?:
~When ordering a cake for a first birthday party, a small smash cake will be provided at no additional charge and will be decorated similarly to the main cake.
~Something to keep in mind is that most people cut party cake slices larger than the industry standard…if you are one of those people, please plan accordingly!

What Additional Information Do I Need to Know for a Wedding Cake?:
~A 25% non-refundable deposit will be required for all wedding date reservations.  This non-refundable deposit will be applied to the total cost of your wedding cake order.  Payment in-full will be required 2 months prior to your wedding date.
~When ordering a wedding cake, decide if you would like to freeze your top tier to save it for your first anniversary, or if you would like to serve it.  If you would like to freeze it, then the top tier will be provided at no additional charge.  If you wish to serve it, then a certificate will be provided for a 6″ round cake on your first anniversary.

Can I Schedule a Cake Tasting Appointment?:
~Cake tasting consultations are available only to those ordering a wedding cake or a large specialty cake (serving over 150 people).  There is a $25 fee, and that fee will be applied to the wedding cake order.  Until further notice, I will come to meet you in your home or at a mutually agreed upon site.
~What is included?: (serves 4) 3 cake flavor choices each baked into individual testing cakes (in addition, I will pick a 4th flavor), 2 filling choices,  2 buttercream choices, and a sample of my homemade White Chocolate Fondant.
~At the time of the consultation, we will discuss cake design and colors of your custom cake.  This is a good time to have color swatches and any design preferences.

How Do I Order a Cake?:
~Use the contact form on the Contact tab.
~Or email your requests to cakeislife@gmail.com.  In your email, include the date and time of the event, how many people you need your cake to serve and any basic information that I may need to know…this could be a contact phone number, delivery address, design ideas, colors, event type, etc.  Another good thing to include in the email is your cake flavor and filling flavor preferences…a few choices can be a great place to start!  The sooner I know this information, the easier it will be to get you a more complete quote and the quicker your cake will be added to the calendar.

How Will My Cake Arrive to My Event?:
~At this time, I am not accepting cake orders that will require pick-up.
~Because I want your cake to arrive at it’s destination unharmed, your cake will be delivered to your party and set up in it’s proper place.  In the event that your cake cannot be delivered to it’s destination, it will be delivered (in a box) to someone who will have instructions on how to get it to the party, how to set it up, how to cut and serve the cake.
~Delivery radius is as follows (see map below):

  • Edwardsville and Glen Carbon are included in the price of the cake.
  • 5 miles to 15 miles: $15.
  • 15.1 miles to 30 miles: $30.
  • 30.1 miles and over: $1.00/mile.
Radius Map

Radius Map

~Please note that I do not make deliveries (or cakes) on Sundays, as this is our family time.
~Food items will not be shipped.
~Once a cake is delivered to it’s event and set up or once it has left my possession, I assume no responsibility for what may occur to it or with it after I have left.  For that reason, please be sure that your display table is set up and decorated before I arrive to your event.

How Can I Pay for My Cake?:
~Cake is Life accepts cash. Other forms of payment should be agreed upon prior to delivery.

Why Does Cake Cost So Much?:
Your custom-designed cake will be made-to-order, from scratch, out of quality ingredients. Even a “simple” birthday cake has lots of planning, ingredients, materials and TLC involved.  Cake doesn’t exactly come together as quickly as it does in the 1/2 hour or 1 hour television cake shows…there’s a lot of TLC and sometimes even blood, sweat and tears that go into making your perfect cake!  Okay, so I leave out the blood, sweat and tears…I love what I do!