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Announcement: New Cake Shapes

I was generously rewarded by Santa this year, so I thought I would announce the newest additions that will be joining the round and square cake pans!  Please give a warm welcome to the Hexagon and the Petal pan sets! 😉  They have been unpacked, washed and are patiently waiting to be filled with yummy cake batter!

Availability Announcement

September is filling up FAST! I have room for a smallish cake or two on the 25th, but otherwise, it’s booked! Sorry, folks…and THANK YOU for keeping me busy!

New Cake Flavor

Just an announcement to say that I’ve successfully tested a new cake recipe.  It will be called Mocha Speckled Cake (for right now…not really thrilled with that name!)  Anyway, it’s a super moist, very fluffy coffee-flavored cake with shaved chocolate throughout.  This is the cake that I tested with my Mother-in-Law’s Mother’s Day Cake.  It is superbly yummy with chocolate buttercream, although I’m sure it would be just as yummy with white buttercream also!  I wish I would have gotten a better picture!

Mocha Speckled Cake

Mocha Speckled Cake