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Sweet 16 and Baseball

Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

There have only been a few instances where people have asked me to recreate a cake that I have previously done before.  Most times, I will change elements of the design to make it a little new and fresh.  I think this is the first time I’ve kept with the original design so closely!  I love this cake design…it’s just so fun!  The mom wanted it tweaked a little to include the 16-year-old’s favorite colors: pink, orange and teal.  I love how they look like sherbet!  And I love the addition of the pearl luster too to make it shimmer!  Happy Sweet 16, Elly!
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September’s Birthday Cakes

FINALLY, a blog post…with content and pictures!! Don’t fall off your chairs, folks…I know it’s been a while! I’ve decided that instead of doing separate posts for each cake, that I would group them into categories! I’ll start off with the birthday cakes from the month of September (and a few from the end of August too!).

***Click on each of the pictures for a description of the cakes!***

From the Tools Cake: “It was awesome and survived the trip to Nashville very well! We all had a good laugh as we ate it in the partially remodeled house.” ~Kay

From the Ladybug Cake: “Emily did a fantastic job, as usual!” ~Bonnie

From the Fall Leaves Cake: “Everyone loved the cake! Mom & Dad were so touched by the leaves with all of our names.” ~Kay

From the Dora Cake: “Emily, I just wanted to say thanks for your hard work on Julia’s Dora cake. Everyone thought it was amazing!” ~Ashley

From the “All-About-Me” Cake: “Jordan loved the cake! The guests loved sampling all three flavors!” ~Christine

From the Princess Cake: “Thanks for doing Brooke’s cake, it was amazing!!!!” ~ Christi

From the weekend!

Sorry it’s taken me a long time to post these, but this was a super busy weekend!  Along with the cakes, we had friends staying with us and my sister was throwing a House-Warming Party.

Surprises to come…so keep visiting!  One involves apples and the other pumpkins!

Twin’s Baptism Cake and a Baby Shower

The top two cakes are pictures of a Baptism cake for the twins from this cake and this cake.  I wasn’t thrilled at first on how this cake came out…seems kind of flat to me, but it’s growing on me more every time I look at the picture!

The second cake was the first time I’ve actually ever modeled something to look like something else!  Mickey Mouse is SO recognizable, it worried me a little to try to do something like that, but I think he turned out really cute!

Everyone loved the cake it was not flat like you said – I loved it and everyone that ate it said it was the best they ever had. The carrot cake was a big hit and they were eating the crumbs – The kids loved the strawberry cake with the filling. Guests said they never had a cake filled with fresh strawberries before. – sorry it took so long for me to put my comment. Best cake yet! – It took a lot to go above the lemon cake.  ~Ginny

I am so sorry for taking so long in getting back. Everyone loved the cake and especially the children that were there. They still rave after all this time about how delicious it was. I haven’t been on your website in awhile and have seen some new cakes that I just may have to order. Thank you again for the wonderful job you did for my daughters baby shower.  ~Cindy

Birthdays, Baptisms and Bangs…oh my!

This was a BUSY weekend!  There was a first birthday cake (with a dozen cupcakes too), a big baptism cake and 2 dozen cupcakes for a 4th of July celebration!  This coming week will be busy too…a birthday cake for my son and my first wedding cake!

This cake was awesome!! Everyone at the party commented on how wonderful it looked and then when we ate it, everyone was yet again impressed at how tasty and moist it was!!! Thank you, Emily for making my son’s cake and first birthday so special and memorable!!! ~Jennifer Flanagan

We wanted to thank you for the beautiful cake for Zachary’s baptism.  It looked great and tasted even better!  I love decorating cakes myself but now with three kids I can’t ever imagine having the time it takes to complete ones like I did when my girls were little.  I’m sure we’ll be in touch with you again for future celebrations. ~Nicole Lowe