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And the Topsy Turvy Cake Winner is…

Topsy Turvy Vintage Toy Baby Shower Cake

Topsy Turvy Vintage Toy Baby Shower Cake

The winner of the Topsy Turvy Cake from my class is:
Finding that winner proved to be a little more challenging than I expected, since no one followed the rules for posting comments!  I gave you all the benefit of the doubt though and created an Excel spreadsheet with everyone’s name on it and added multiples of names for becoming Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers or Blog Subscribers.  Then I copied and pasted the list into the “randomizer” at Random.org.  After putting them in random order, the winner was Kathie Opel.

Kathie chose to bring her cake to her friend’s baby shower.  The theme of the shower was “Vintage Toys”.  The flags came from the design on her invitations.  I’m thrilled with how this cake turned out!  The class was very fun…great company!  I learned some great techniques for making the Topsy Turvy Cake structurally sound.  I will, however, be doing the Topsy Turvy Cake a little differently in the future.  The cake will be a 6″ round with a 10″ round on the bottom.  It should really even have another tier to get the full effect too!  And it will have tapered tiers (larger at the top than at the bottom).

Congratulations to Kathie and to her friend Cara!

“I can’t thank you enough for the gorgeous cake!  It was perfect, and delicious as well!  Thank you so much!” ~ Kathie

1969 Mustang

I’m tired folks, so I’m just leaving you with a few pictures!

Happy Birthday, Eric!

Ben and His Cake

Thought I’d share my favorite picture of Ben and his cake from last night!  Yes, I let him hold it…only for a second though!

Ben and His Cake

Ben and His Cake

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Today is my oldest son’s 4th birthday!  One of his favorite things right now is Cars.  He loves the movies, has an almost-complete set of the character cars and has a TON of Hot Wheels, so it was only fitting that his birthday cake be a Lightening McQueen!  This is my first attempt at a 3-D sculpted cake and I love the way it came out!

May you have a FABULOUSLY wonderful birthday, Ben!  I love you!