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Baby Showers

Safari Gift Box Baby Shower Cake

Safari Gift Box Baby Shower Cake

This cake was designed after the invitations for a shower for twin boys.
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Catching Up (AGAIN!)

I’ve included Birthday, Holiday and a Religious cake from the past few weeks! You can click on each picture to make it bigger and bring up a description of it! Thanks for being patient with me! More cakes to come in a few days!

Animals and Bows Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Cake

This cake was designed after the bedding in the baby’s room.  To say that a fondant bow looks easy is true and even watching tutorials, it looks easy to do.  Let me tell you folks, I have practiced LOTS and LOTS of fondant bows and they are NOT easy!  This bow is the first one I’ve actually been happy with!

George is Curious!

This is a Curious George Birthday cake for a little girl turning one.  The mom had the cutest George party ware and it made it super easy to come up with a design for the cake!  Stay tuned for a how-to on the bow loops!

Happy 1st Birthday, Grace!

This cake was for my daughter Grace’s first birthday party. It was a hit! Everyone loved it. Not only did it look fabulous, it tasted great! Emily did such a wonderful job. I could not have asked for any part of the experience to have been better. Emily is a true artist and professional. GREAT JOB! We will be back! ~ Cheryl

Two and 21

This was a birthday cake weekend!  The first was a party for a young lady turning 21 and the second was for the cutest little red-head turning 2!  I learned a new trick this week that helps speed up the drying time on gum paste.  If you turn your oven light on, put the item in the oven that you want to dry and close the door, the drying time significantly decreases!  The items on the 21st birthday cake were all done this way.  Just remember, if you use this technique, just make sure EVERYONE that lives with you knows…the smell of burning gum paste is NOT pleasant!  I just left a note for all to see!

What  difference 2 years and some classes makes!  This is the cake I did almost 2 years ago for my nephew’s 1st birthday!

Monkey Cakes for Nephew's Birthday

Monkey Cakes for Nephew's Birthday

Emily: The cake was delicious and Bridget loved it. Thanks so much – I’ll definitely keep you in mind for the future.  ~Kathy

Emily…Jack’s Monkey cake was a smash hit……everyone loved it and the cupcakes….it was soooooooo yummy and delicious…we even have some left over so I can keep it enjoying it for a few more days…thanks again…you ROCK!  ~Sarah

Birthday Cake and Building Blocks

Yesterday, we had a baby shower and a birthday party all rolled into one day!  The baby shower was for my husband’s cousin and the birthday party was for my niece and my two boys.  Both parties were fun and I’m VERY thankful everyone decided to have them in doors, because it was ONE HOT DAY yesterday!