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September’s Birthday Cakes

FINALLY, a blog post…with content and pictures!! Don’t fall off your chairs, folks…I know it’s been a while! I’ve decided that instead of doing separate posts for each cake, that I would group them into categories! I’ll start off with the birthday cakes from the month of September (and a few from the end of August too!).

***Click on each of the pictures for a description of the cakes!***

From the Tools Cake: “It was awesome and survived the trip to Nashville very well! We all had a good laugh as we ate it in the partially remodeled house.” ~Kay

From the Ladybug Cake: “Emily did a fantastic job, as usual!” ~Bonnie

From the Fall Leaves Cake: “Everyone loved the cake! Mom & Dad were so touched by the leaves with all of our names.” ~Kay

From the Dora Cake: “Emily, I just wanted to say thanks for your hard work on Julia’s Dora cake. Everyone thought it was amazing!” ~Ashley

From the “All-About-Me” Cake: “Jordan loved the cake! The guests loved sampling all three flavors!” ~Christine

From the Princess Cake: “Thanks for doing Brooke’s cake, it was amazing!!!!” ~ Christi

In the meantime…

In case you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of blog posts with actual content and pictures, you can ease your anxiousness by visiting my Facebook page…just use the little linky linky to the right, or you can click on the Flickr box on the right and view them that way too. I had a few moments to upload the last month’s pictures on both of those sites! Enjoy in the meantime and I promise to return shortly with some REAL content!

Happy Easter (early)

Easter Cake

Easter Cake

Here is the cake that I made today for my Mom’s side of the family’s Easter celebration…which will happen tomorrow.  It’s a carrot cake with cheesecake buttercream filling.  The Easter Lilies are made from royal icing.  The cross and drape are made from a gumpaste/fondant blend.  The cake is iced in buttercream.

Lessons learned…

Never overfill your cake pans!  This is what happens…and it still had 30 minutes to bake (burn on the floor of the oven!)  Here’s a tip though…if this ever happens to you, scrape it up as soon as you turn the oven off.  It came off very easily!



Favorite So Far!

30th Birthday Cake

30th Birthday Cake

This cake was for a surprise birthday party that a husband was throwing for his wife.  This has to be my personal favorite cake so far.  I realized the other day that most of my cakes have been BROWN!  Not this one!  I loved how the colors turned out!  This was my first time trying the little wired swirly balls floating above the cake.  I like how they turned out, but I think next time, I may try a little lighter gauged wire…maybe!  The cake is an oreo cake…a layer of dark chocolate cake, then 2 layers of white cake, topped off by another layer of dark chocolate cake…all filled with oreo buttercream…yum!  I asked the lady that ordered the cake if she would mind taking a picture of the cake once it’s cut.  When she sends it to me, I’ll update this post!  The pink decorations are a mixture of fondant and gumpaste and were dusted with a layer (or two…or three) of shimmer dust.  The darker colors are fondant and the cakes were iced in buttercream.

Happy 30th Birthday, Jennifer!

Class Final Cake

This is the cake I made last night for the class final.  It is a white cake with oreo buttercream filling.  It is covered in chocolate fondant and decorated with gumpaste daisies.  I’m really going to miss going to these classes.  The next one is wired flowers, but I’m not sure when it will be available next…hopefully soon!

Another Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Cake for Twins

Baby Shower Cake for Twins

This is another baby shower cake for the friend who is having twins (a boy and a girl).  It was all yellow cake.  The bottom was filled with lemon curd and the top was filled with raspberry curd.  The cake is iced in buttercream and then decorated with chocolate fondant.  This was a new experiment with fondant.  I made the chocolate fondant myself.  It tasted like fudge (YUM!), but was VERY hard to keep from cracking.  I think next time, I’ll alter the recipe a little.  This was only my second stacked cake, but went MUCH better this time around…less stress (a little).