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Spring Has Sprung!

Spring Tree Trunk Cake

Spring Tree Trunk Cake

I made this cake for a school’s auction.  I love how all of the elements came together…especially the fungus!  Their theme was “God doing new works”…I think Spring fits in perfectly!  The entire cake was around 14-15”.  The little bunny was around 2″ long and about 1 1/2″ tall!
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September’s Birthday Cakes

FINALLY, a blog post…with content and pictures!! Don’t fall off your chairs, folks…I know it’s been a while! I’ve decided that instead of doing separate posts for each cake, that I would group them into categories! I’ll start off with the birthday cakes from the month of September (and a few from the end of August too!).

***Click on each of the pictures for a description of the cakes!***

From the Tools Cake: “It was awesome and survived the trip to Nashville very well! We all had a good laugh as we ate it in the partially remodeled house.” ~Kay

From the Ladybug Cake: “Emily did a fantastic job, as usual!” ~Bonnie

From the Fall Leaves Cake: “Everyone loved the cake! Mom & Dad were so touched by the leaves with all of our names.” ~Kay

From the Dora Cake: “Emily, I just wanted to say thanks for your hard work on Julia’s Dora cake. Everyone thought it was amazing!” ~Ashley

From the “All-About-Me” Cake: “Jordan loved the cake! The guests loved sampling all three flavors!” ~Christine

From the Princess Cake: “Thanks for doing Brooke’s cake, it was amazing!!!!” ~ Christi

Wine Box Cake {UPDATED}

Wine Box Cake

Wine Box Cake

This cake was made for a donation to a fundraising event for our school. The event was a wine tasting and it was to be a part of a raffle. This cake was a difficult one for me, not because the cake was difficult, but because I ended up having to bake it twice…at 2 AM. There was a mini mental breakdown at 4AM and after a few hours of sleep and the help of my sister, who watched the kids for a few hours, I was able to focus and knock it out. I would have taken pictures, but I REALLY would rather NOT remember it!

Emily, everyone loved your cake. A friend of Mrs. Shannon’s won it and is going out of town so she gave it to the teachers. They are all in for a wonderful treat Monday!!!! ~ Kathy

UPDATED 04/12/2010:  I found out last yesterday that this cake was won by a woman who turned around and donated it to the teachers at the school to enjoy!  I think that’s very sweet and I hope they all enjoyed it today!