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Catching Up (AGAIN!)

I’ve included Birthday, Holiday and a Religious cake from the past few weeks! You can click on each picture to make it bigger and bring up a description of it! Thanks for being patient with me! More cakes to come in a few days!


Fit for a Princess!

Princess Crown Cake

Princess Crown Cake

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September’s Birthday Cakes

FINALLY, a blog post…with content and pictures!! Don’t fall off your chairs, folks…I know it’s been a while! I’ve decided that instead of doing separate posts for each cake, that I would group them into categories! I’ll start off with the birthday cakes from the month of September (and a few from the end of August too!).

***Click on each of the pictures for a description of the cakes!***

From the Tools Cake: “It was awesome and survived the trip to Nashville very well! We all had a good laugh as we ate it in the partially remodeled house.” ~Kay

From the Ladybug Cake: “Emily did a fantastic job, as usual!” ~Bonnie

From the Fall Leaves Cake: “Everyone loved the cake! Mom & Dad were so touched by the leaves with all of our names.” ~Kay

From the Dora Cake: “Emily, I just wanted to say thanks for your hard work on Julia’s Dora cake. Everyone thought it was amazing!” ~Ashley

From the “All-About-Me” Cake: “Jordan loved the cake! The guests loved sampling all three flavors!” ~Christine

From the Princess Cake: “Thanks for doing Brooke’s cake, it was amazing!!!!” ~ Christi


Pink Princess

Pink Princess

This cake is a sample cake for an upcoming project that has the potential to keep me very busy!  I love how it turned out, but next time, the big bow will be purple!   Those cupcakes are jumbo cupcakes!  They are about twice the size of a normal cupcake!  I’m actually liking how they came out!

Happy Birthday, Princess Jewel!

Today, I made my first Princess Cake!  It was for a little lady turning four.  I hope this princess enjoys her cake!

Princess Cake

Princess Cake